Follow Me Building An Authority Site for Affiliate Marketing in 2018

So here is my ultimate plan for 2018.

I will be building an authority site and monetize it with affiliate marketing.

Well, the terms change… virtual real estate, niche sites, portal, blogs, authority site. But the initial goal is the same. To develop a website that provides quality content and value for the visitors.

I can’t tell you what the site just yet. But I can tell you that I am going with the review website model. To be more specific, this is going to be a website where I review a specific type of software.

When it comes to traffic, the main idea is to go with SEO. I will be creating a lot of long and useful epic content. And after that, the plan continues with some outreach to promote the content. If you are new the whole outreach plan, what it means is that you will be reaching out to other website owners and bloggers for either 1) a link back to to you with a reason that is beneficial to them or 2) for an opportunity to publish an article on their website as a guest blogger.

I am considering sharing and boosting the article on social media too, especially on Facebook. I hope this will get me fans and likes, and also traffic for initial tests.

Email marketing is definitely in the picture as well. But it will not be like the type where you have a specific landing page to capture email. I will be using the website’s content pages with widgets like top bar, pop-ups or something like that.

I am seeing that this is going to cost me some money. So I will be reporting to you my spending and my earnings.

The goal is to be generating $10,000 in commissions by December 2018.

Let see how it goes.



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