Follow Me Building An Authority Site for Affiliate Marketing in 2018

So here is my ultimate plan for 2018. I will be building an authority site and monetize it with affiliate marketing. Well, the terms change… virtual real estate, niche sites, portal, blogs, authority site. But the initial goal is the same. To develop a website that provides quality content and value for the visitors. I […]

What To Do When Your WordPress (or not) Site Is Infected By Malware

So you woke up to day and found your website like this? Yeah… it can be a pain. Not only your website is not working. It is also being blacklisted by Google. Basically your website has been tempered with and now contains malicious snippet of codes for your website visitor. Because of that, Google blacklists […]

My $276 Instant Affiliate Commission Secret with No List, No Ads, No SEO, No Website

Yep, I made $276 in affiliate commissions this week promoting an affiliate program. It’s been ages since I made money with affiliate programs, because… how I neglected this blog. So you can understand why I am so excited. Plus, this time, it felt so easy. So easy that… I didn’t have to build any website […]