3 Schools Of Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t already know about this, I will give you a new perspective on the term Affiliate Marketing. Sometimes I see people throw around the term “Super Affiliate”, and tell others they should do this, do that but these three schools I am about to tell you about were never discussed. I don’t see […]

In-Depth GetResponse Review 2019 – 20 Solutions Compared

I researched over 20 autoresponders and email marketing software before finally settling with GetResponse. This is a GetResponse review but you already know the verdict — I love GetResponse! What you don’t know is my “why”. If you are shopping around for an autoresponder or an email marketing software, you can stop because I believe […]

RunCloud can Help You Transition from Shared Hosting to Cloud Servers or VPS

Looking at the prices offered by Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr and even Amazon Lightsail, maybe you are tempted to move your websites over to those cloud hosting providers. Just one catch — you need to know server administration skills to be able to do that, or what people call nowadays as DevOp. What if it […]

How to Turn Your Payhip Product Page into a Single Column Layout

At Payhip.com, you can apply some modification so that your product page layout appears in a single column. The current default layout will two columns. The left is for your content. And the right is for the buy button. I didn’t like this so I modified it using the built-in Design Editor. This is the […]

Follow Me Building An Authority Site for Affiliate Marketing in 2018

So here is my ultimate plan for 2018. I will be building an authority site and monetize it with affiliate marketing. Well, the terms change… virtual real estate, niche sites, portal, blogs, authority site. But the initial goal is the same. To develop a website that provides quality content and value for the visitors. I […]

eBook – Successful Affiliate Marketer, $5

So here you go. My latest ebook on How To Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer. It is selling for only $5. This ebook starts of by sharing with you real-life examples of affiliate niche sites that you build. There three different types that you can focus on. And then it dives deeper on how you […]

What To Do When Your WordPress (or not) Site Is Infected By Malware

So you woke up to day and found your website like this? Yeah… it can be a pain. Not only your website is not working. It is also being blacklisted by Google. Basically your website has been tempered with and now contains malicious snippet of codes for your website visitor. Because of that, Google blacklists […]

A Family Trip to Japan – 10 Days of Traveling with Little Children

I brought my family for a trip to Japan, all five of us. There was my wife and I, and my three kids, my 11-year old daughter, my 7-year old boy and my youngest, 3-year old toddler. It is the beginning of winter there. As you might have known, I am from Malaysia. It is always […]

I am Working on a Software Project

I have been doing programming since I was 16 I think. And I graduated with a Computer Science degree. PHP and building websites and web application has always been my playground. I have built software product like DIPPEC, UploadNSell.com, OptinDesign.com and others. But since two weeks ago, I took a leap into a software business […]

How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer – PDF Checklist Included

When I was starting with affiliate marketing, all that I wanted was to make money. I started by reading a really long and comprehensive ebook on SEO. I followed all the steps and just launched my site. It was a simple 2-page website with its own domain name. After that, I forgot about it. A couple […]