is Back…

Hi… this is Iszuddin Ismail. I used to go with the nickname Kidino a few years ago. It is a name that is easier for others to pronounce. But in the offline world, people call me Dino… my parents, my family, my friends. You can call me that too. is where I used to write about internet marketing, building your website and making money online, and sometimes programming. last recorded by before I missed my hosting fee. July 2012. last recorded by before I missed my hosting fee. July 2012.

If you are my reader from my previous online venture, maybe you can recall some of my previous projects like:

  • DIY Mini Site
  • DIY eBook Cover
  • Mighty Mini Site Templates
  • Optin Design
  • Upload ‘N Sell

So what happened?

A few years back, I got again into programming, and then freelancing. And my freelancing activities led me to joining a startup.

When I joined the startup, was left neglected. At one time, everything got wiped out when I didn’t renew my hosting. I am just left with the domain name.

But recently I have an itch to blog again. I wanted to register a new domain, but I feel that it is such a waste when I already have, a domain name that I registered in 2004. Wow…! This is a domain name that is over 10 years old. I thought that it may have some SEO advantange. So this is where I will start blogging again.

What will I blog about this time?

Well, right now, I am pretty much involved with programming at work. So I may be blogging about that. But don’t worry, I have some ideas on how my programming mind can benefit my non-programming readers. If you have any technical questions about building your website, or your running business on the internet, I will be happy to help you out with those.

I know a few tricks on how to make things easy and affordable online. Yeah, affordable solution is important, especially when you are just starting out with online business.

Programming, Affiliate Marketing, and what else…?

I am still pretty much into making money online. I just got started with affiliate marketing again. I made $104.40 recently as a Udemy affiliate. And also, out of curiosity, I tried out Fiverr and Freelancer as the freelancer. It didn’t take long to start earning bits of $4 (minus fees) on Fiverr. But seems to be more challenging. Maybe I will write about that too.

In my spare time I also created some online projects, attempting to make money online. Most of them flopped, but hey, lessons learned, right? Maybe I will walk you through those projects too.

Because I earn my living as a programmer now, my aim right now is not to earn a fulltime income online (though that will be awesome) … but rather to generate extra income on the side, maybe for vacation travels with my family, charity or leisure activities with my family.

… and travels!

Oh, did I mention that my family and I like to travel? Recently we went to Sydney, Australia and after that to Lombok, Indonesia. Those are some nice places and I feel like going there again. At another occassion, I may just travel locally to places like Penang, Langkawi or Malacca. Do check out my TripAdvisor reviews.

So, I welcome you back to I hope you will also be welcoming me back to scene and continue to read my blog. I look foward to hearing from you in the comments.